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My Girl OST: Never Say Goodbye

What is multi media (MM) ?
Multimedia is the use of computer to present and combine text, graphics, audio, and video with links and tools that let the user navigate, interact, create, and communicate.
Multimedia is (Computing) designating or relating to applications which incorporate a number of media, such as: text, audio, video, and animation, esp. interactively (Oxford English Dictionary)
4 components essentials of multi media are :1. A computer2. Links3. Navigational tools4. Ways to gather, process, and communicate information and ideas

1. Multiple media accessed through a common interface
2. Interaction is often evident but not essential

Multimedia Rationale
Only 4 reasons justify adapting any new system, technology, or strategy :
You must be able to do something :
1. Faster
2. Easier
3. Cheaper
4. Better

Why is MM Important?
MM is changing the nature of reading and MM uses links to let navigate universe of connected information at the speed of light (Information Superhighway) MM is highly effective: People retain (Computer Technology Research, 1993) :1. 20% what they see2. 30% what they hear3. 50% what they see and hear4. 80% what they see, hear, and do simultaneously
- Used essentially to define applications and technologies that manipulate text, data, images, voice and full motion video objects.
- Systems that support the interactive use of text, audio, still images, video, and graphics. Each of these elements must be converted in some way from analog form to digital form before they can be used in a computer application. Thus, the distinction of multimedia is the convergence of previously diverse systems.
- Presentations of sound and light, words in magnetically graven image - and any known combination thereof as well as nuances yet to come. Though computer CD is the dominant wrapper for these works, technological innovation is the hallmark of the electronic-publishing arena, and new formats will expand the creative and market potential. Multimedia books are publishing events; their advent suggests alternative avenues for authors as well as adaptational tie-ins with the world of print.
- Presenting data in more than one medium, such as combining text, graphics and sound.
# A combination of various types of media, including sound, animation, video and graphics. Due to the generally large size of "multimedia" files, a CD-ROM is usually necessary to store files. As well, appropriate sound and video cards and speakers are also necessary.

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